Where to find a cheap lingerie chest and what to look out for

Where to find a cheap lingerie chest and what to look out for

Having your bedroom look just the way you want it is everyone’s dream. However, there are some aspects of furnishing, which make it very difficult such as your budget. Bedroom furniture can expensive, and it’s no different when comes to looking at lingerie chests. In this case, buying second-hand bedroom furniture is the best solution to this problem.

If you’re looking for second-hand lingerie chests, there are several places that you can find some good deals. Knowing what you’re buying is crucial, irrespective of where you will find it.

Before buying a second-hand piece, it’s critical to determine whether it’s still in good shape. It’s great to buy something for cheap, but what’s the point when you can’t really use it? If it’s still in good shape, you can use it as is or you can try some DIY tricks and find inspiration at our DIY lingerie chest post.

Here are some places where you can find great deals:

Local auction houses

Many auction houses sell furniture from people who either update their furniture or are moving to a different place. These auctions often have excellent deals on furniture almost as good as new ones.


Another good place to find hot deals is for used lingerie chest on eBay. You can find almost anything on eBay. Shopping on eBay can be complicated since you will have to deal with shipping and the fact that you can not inspect it personally if it is not sold locally.

But provided you have done your diligence before buying and the buyer added enough images of the furniture piece, you should be happy with the results.


The advantage that Craigslist has over eBay is that most of the furniture is being sold locally. This will give you the chance to inspect that particular furniture before you buy it. Another added advantage is that you will not incur a significant shipping charge.

You will probably get a much cheaper deal compared to eBay or buying from some other type of online source. Some times you can even bargain with sellers for a better price.

Sales Yard

If you’re looking for used furniture from a yard, it is good to go to elegant high-priced homes. This way you will find a beautiful piece that is in good condition for a fair price.

Local newspaper

You can also keep an eye out your desired furniture in your local classified section. Most of the time when people are relocating to a new place, they often have clearance sales for stuff selling, and these goods are always advertised in the local newspapers.

Tips for when you are buying second-hand

Scrutinize each piece

When purchasing used furniture, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the product. Make sure you cover each feature, so you’re confident that it is in good shape.

Listen to some tweaking sounds when you open drawers as they may lead you to cracks that need fixing. If you see cracks, make sure you make the necessary changes to the current market value.

Purchase quality

Typically used furniture is often more affordable compared new ones, this means you can get something of higher quality at a lower price. So make sure that you invest in a good quality piece to make the most of your money.


Make sure that lovely lingerie chest is going to fit into your bedroom before you go for it. Ensure that you measure the width, depth, and height, of the space where you will keep it, to get the exact measurements, then be sure to check with the seller before you buy it.

One can quickly get a lot of information on used furniture from the Internet. However, for the most accurate and trustworthy information, tips should be taken directly from the dealers.