What size is a bunk bed mattress?

What size is a bunk bed mattress?

Bunk beds come in many shapes, sizes, and levels. No matter what type of bunk bed you are buying, usually mattresses aren’t included. This leaves you having to do additional shopping for mattresses, but what about sizes? In this short post, I’ll try to help you answer that question so that you can buy your mattress with ease.

children beds in a roomUsually, full, twin and twin XL, are the best sizes for these type of beds. Lighter mattresses which are slimmer are highly recommended as these kinds of mattresses don’t exert too much weight on the bed.

It is good to know the specifications of your bunk bed before buying a mattress as the bed size can also be used to determine the dimensions of a mattress. Also, keep in mind that most countries will have their own standards and measurements.

The table below highlights bed and mattress sizes according to US standards.

Bed type

Width (inches)

Length (inches)

More information

Standard Bunk 39 75 This is suitable for an adult or one child. The upper and lower bed is the best choice for school going kids.
Narrow Bunk 36 75 Meant for one child; most preferably a preadolescent child.
Twin 38 75 A twin mattress is suitable for kids who have grown, and toddler beds are no longer ideal for them.
Double 54 75 A double bed/mattress is designed for two kids or one adult.

If you’re buying a mattress as a parent, you should keep pricing in mind, especially if your kids are still growing. You don’t want to buy a mattress now, only needing to replace it a year later.

Although the video below isn’t specifically for bunk bed designs, I think it will help anyone looking for a new mattress. Keep in mind that my blog is all about interior design/home decor and I’m just providing you all this information in support of getting your bedroom or kid’s bedroom the way you want it.