What is a triple bunk bed and when to use it in a bedroom?

What is a triple bunk bed and when to use it in a bedroom?

What is a triple bunk bed? It is simply a piece of furniture which consists of three beds stuck on top of each other as shown above. Instead of using a single bed in a given space in your home, you can stick three beds together. This way, you can accommodate three people comfortably in an area which would have taken only one person.

There are many different designs of triple bunk beds out there. However, in this post, I’m going to look at when it’s best to use three beds on top of each other.

When to use a bunk bed in your bedroom?

1. Trying to accommodate multiple guests

a family sitting on beds

There are times when you get visitors, and you might need to accommodate them in a small space. You can comfortably accommodate guests in bunk beds. The fact that you can have multiple beds on top of each other makes it very easy to accommodate as many people as possible. If you get lots of guests, you can even put more than one triple bunk in a room.

Keep in mind, that for adults, this might not always be ideal, and privacy could be a concern. Either way, at least you’ll have beds for guests to sleep on and won’t have to struggle with an awkward couch or floor sleeping arrangements. You can even have wide bunk beds with full-size mattresses, where two people to sleep in each bed or those that are stackable and allows for rearranging of beds.

2. Providing comfortable beds for your kids

family in kid bedroom

If you have three kids but live in a small house or apartment, a triple bunk bed could be the right solution. Your children will have enough space to live, play, and study in their room. The beds have a unique design which makes them comfortable for kids. Some are stacked on top of each other while others are L-shaped and come with a desk. There are lots of different types of bunk bed options to choose from to suit your specific needs.

If they like sleeping in bunk beds, it might be fun for them. Otherwise, there might be some friction as to who sleeps on the top. However, that will probably pass with time. Come to think of it, you can even go with the triple bed option if you have only one or two kids. When they have a sleepover, their friend can sleep with them in the same room.

3. Saving on space

a small room with little space

One obvious reason to get a triple bunk is to save space. One way to save space in a bedroom is to either use less furniture or smaller and more ergonomic furniture. This way you can change a bedroom for one into a three sleeper.

Even if you have a small space in your home, you can comfortably accommodate all your family members that come over to visit in a small house. Just keep in mind that although these beds can fit in small spaces, and can save you a room, that you need to measure the height of your roof before buying one.

4. Make your interior look unique

unique bedroom

Lastly, besides saving space and all the reasons mentioned above, it can make your room look unique and standout. Not everyone has a triple bunk in there bedroom, beach house or guest room. It will definitely be a conversation starter. Here are a few design ideas just to show you how unique this bed can really be: