What is a pyramid bunk bed?

What is a pyramid bunk bed?

Pyramid bunk beds are also known as twin or full bunk beds. Their name is derived from their Pyramidal shape or triangular shape and their smooth angle of elevation when placed against a wall. It consists of a wider lower bunk and thinner upper bunk with the result looking like a pyramid.

I have to admit, initially thought I pyramid bunk bed looked something like the image below with three bunks, two on the bottom level and one on top. However, the image below shows five bunks. Either way, I can now safely confirm that I was indeed wrong.

bed from messymom blog

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/258394097344137770/?lp=true

The bottom bunk is connected to the top bunk by four metal or wooden poles, installed at each corner of the bed. A ladder which is attached to the bed is used to access the top bunk. Usually, the top bunk is not recommended for kids below five years, because of its height and need for a ladder. Also, ceiling boards with ceiling fans are considered risky. Remember to prohibit your children from touching the ceiling fan when it is on.

As with any other bed, Pyramid bunk beds come in different designs and colors. Whatever bunk you choose, it’s a great idea to match it with your home’s decor and to keep functionality in mind. This means that you must pay attention to the material, size, and style of the bed. Either way, these are really simple things to keep in mind but still worth mentioning.

Here are some pros and cons concerning pyramid bunks.


  • These beds are versatile and generally can be used by kids and adults
  • Suitable for kids at all stages
  • They come with a unique design that can give your room that “something different” type of look


  • It’s not the most space saving bunk bed there is
  • Its unique design makes it difficult to rearrange a room
  • Not everyone likes climbing ladders to get to bed

More tips when looking to buy this type of bed

When looking for this bed, make sure that the mattress on the top bunk fits precisely to the size of the bed. A twin sized mattress is the best option, and you should make sure that the mattress is not too thick. I talk more about mattress sizes in this post.

Thick mattresses increase the risk of kids falling off, especially if the guardrails don’t go high up. For additional safety, make sure the guardrail on the top bunk is well maintained.

If you are looking for something stylish and long-lasting, consider getting an oak bunk bed. Remember, kids do not use bunk beds only for sleeping; they play and jump on them. Beds made from metal, and hardwood trees, are durable and can be passed on from one generation to another. When it comes to getting a bed, you’re always better off investing in quality materials that last long and ends up being a lifetime investment.

When people think about buying Pyramid bunk beds, they only think of using it for a kid’s room, but in reality, this is not always the case. Bunk beds are suitable for apartments with limited space, for beach homes, and cabins, especially when the entire family is around.

Here’s a video with a few additional bunk bed ideas, some with a pyramid design and more to give you bigger a picture.

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