What is a daybed and why do you need one?

What is a daybed and why do you need one?

A daybed is a special kind of bed that can be used to serve several functions other than just sleeping. Other uses compared to sleeping include lounging, sitting and much more. Look at it as a crossbreed or a hybrid between a sofa, normal bed and a chaise lounge.

When do you need a daybed

It’s a good solution to a tiny living space because it is a sofa and a bed, all in one. During the day it serves as your sofa, and when darkness falls, you just get rid of the large pillows and you have a comfortable bed for your guest.

In fact, some of the couches are equipped with a special trundle which can be used to create more sleeping room for another visitor. These trundles can also be used by toddlers to keep their toy and other personals belongings.

The good thing about daybeds is the fact that it can be decorated with different accessories such as pillows, to make your room pretty and attractive. Daybeds are often smaller than normal sofas, this feature makes them an effective choice you want to make a room be cozier and more attractive.

Since daybeds come in a series of different styles, colors, and price points, it’s very important to know and understand all they offer before making a decision about the right type for you.

Let’s quickly take a look at all the features and different elements to keep in mind when choosing a daybed for your house.

a modern room with rattan wood furniture piece on the floor without storage


The kind of material you choose depends on your needs, preferences, style, desired function and affordability. Daybeds often come in wood or metal with a mattress and some times even a trundle. Daybeds made from metal are often used as sleeping beds, while the wooden daybeds seem to look more like sofas and are mainly used to sit and relax.

Quality of materials is another important thing to consider in terms of use. If your coach is likely to be used very often and when there are kids around, you should invest in a more durable type. The type of fabric and materials used on the sofa has direct effects on its durability and its buying price.

Remember that what is inside the couch is as important as what is used outside. Pillows made of feathers are comfortable, while those made from fibrous fillings are bumpy, they flatten and lose shape over time.

This video puts the materials, shapes, style, storage and sizes used in better perspective.

The various types and designs

Daybeds comes in many different designs. Some are open on both sides while others have grids on both sides. The most common design in the modern daybed, this design has a low wall on both sides and a higher bar on one side which can even be used in a bedroom.

Upholstery comes in any kind of patterns that you can imagine. You can either choose metal frames or wooden frames or a combination of the two. The type you choose depends on the functions that your bed will serve.

Bedding accessories

Although you can easily use regular double-size sheets and pillows with a daybed, you may want to pay extra attention to the covers and add additional cushions if you should use them for your daybed. These accessories should not color clash with the theme of your house.

Know your measurements

Take out your tape gauge and make sure that you get the correct dimensions of the couch that fit your space. Also, remember to check the dimensions of your doors and stairs, so that you will not encounter problems during delivery.

If access is limited, you may need to choose a special coach with features such as removable legs or go for a modular design that can be delivered in parts.

These features will sort you out and solve your access problem.

Besides the fact that daybeds are the best space-saving options when converted into a bed, it normally needs a shorter and a thinner mattress which may not be suitable for older people( Grandparents) who need special attention or anyone that is suffering from back problems.

In short

Currently, in our society, almost no one can have an extra bed when you need them. Most people wish they had enough beds to be able to accommodate friends and family when they pay them a visit.

This can be challenging especially for those people with small apartments and small bedrooms. Nowadays all these problems can be solved by opting for a daybed couch.

Its smartness and stylish appearance give you a better option for hosting your guests overnight.