Five Ultra Chic Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Five Ultra Chic Bathroom Ideas & Designs

There is no doubt your bathroom is an essential room in your house. The bathroom and kitchen are the two primary areas considered when assessing the value of the property.

The impression your house guests get form about you is often assisted by the beauty and functionality of your home. Just as we might expect, an old-fashioned and outdated room when we visit someone who is aged, we expect a modern and active person, to have a stylish and up-to-date home.

The current trend for the bath areas is ultra-chic, with beautiful modern sinks. The look is classic, understated, with clean but breathtaking beauty built into the design. Let’s look at some of the ideas you could consider:

Manhattan bath

People who live in Manhattan, New York demand quality. The “Manhattan bath” is all about gold and black. The sleek look of black glass is used to enhance cabinets, shelves, and showers. The use of a vessel sink and modern brass faucets will bring this look together.

Air and light

Almost on the other end of the spectrum is the airy, white, and light bathroom. This is exceptionally beautiful if your bath has high ceilings or interestingly styled windows. The flooring is tile, the vanity, walls, and trim is clean white. You can go with a white drop-in sink or add a touch of flair with a crystal vessel sink.

Metallic and Marble

For a more artsy look, you will want the deep eternal beauty of marble with metallic accents. Marble is available in unusual and beautiful colors. Whether you opt for the black and white or gray and white that many associates with marble or choose deep greens, earth tones, or soft peach the beauty of marble is unmistakable. Combine this design with a beautiful metallic sink and modern faucet with a metallic finish for a chic bathroom.

The Loft

The world is not getting any bigger, and a prime location-based house is hard to come by. People are making a bold statement in smaller spaces. This is the idea behind the Loft style bathroom. The room is kept clean and bright with lots of white. The sink is the primary focal point that draws the eye. Do not ruin the minimalist look of the room by oversizing the sink. Instead, go with a vessel sink or a drop-in with sleek lines.

Minimal bath

Along with the same concept of the loft bath, is the ultra-modern minimum bath. Off the floor vanities with mock panels that hide shelves and double mirrors make this bathroom look simple but elegant. The double sinks are designers choice, but utilizing a colored sink is highly recommended for a splash of color to excite the room.

These are just a few samples of the bathrooms that will be on the cutting edge of designs. There are many other designs that you will see popping up in the best home publications.

Watch out for the contrasting look of solids with huge designs and bright colors on accent pieces and floors. The Brazilian style of using concrete and marble will be seen in more elegant homes.

There will be more bathrooms that utilize light-colored wood (like blonde oak) with wicker accessories and marble sinks for a shabby-chic effect.

Here are over 100 bathroom design ideas to look at: