Triple Bunk Bed Safety Guide for Parents

Triple Bunk Bed Safety Guide for Parents

Triple bunk beds contain three beds stacked on top of each other. These beds are suitable for three kids sharing the same bedroom or even adults in some situations. However, as a parent, you are probably wondering how safe are these beds?

To answer your question and address any concerns regarding triple bunk beds or bunk beds in general, I’ve created a safety guide for parents.

mother sitting with her child on the floor

So, are triple bunk beds safe?

Yes! Bunk beds are safer now than ever, because better materials, better construction, and better design have been incorporated to enhance safety. Bed bunk accidents are typically a result of careless behavior, as a matter of fact, most injuries are from kids playing around on the beds.

If all safe practices are observed, your child will be safe and you can rest assured. Make them understand how dangerous it is to jump on the top bunk. Teach them how to use the ladder appropriately, etc.

When buying a triple bunk bed should take the following into account.

Keep the following guidelines in mind

1. Comply with the Consumer Product Safety Association’s Recommendations

Make sure that the bed you’re looking to buy complies with the recommendations of the Consumer Products Safety Commission pertaining children’s bunk beds. These safety standards apply to all bunk beds, including but not limited to, triple bunk beds. This includes guardrails, bunk bed end and more.

You can see the requirements for bunk bed designs here.

parents sitting on bed2. Make sure you have enough space available

You need to make sure that the available space will be able to facilitate all the safety features. Begin by measuring the floor space, then proceed to the height. Remember that you require at least two feet between the third bunk and ceiling to avoid head bumps. If you can’t fit in a triple bunk, consider going with a standard bunk bed with two beds on top of each other.

3. Buy from trustworthy dealers

Find a dealer you can trust. A good dealer should be able to stand behind their products and answer any questions regarding the safety of the bed. Reputable dealers understand that children below six years are not allowed on the top bunk of any bunk bed. It is compulsory for all manufacturers to affix this warning to all bunk beds made in the United States.

If you want to purchase a bed online, go with a dealer you can trust or one that has excellent reviews. Examples would be websites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Otherwise, going to your local reputable furniture shop could also be a good option.

4. Select bunks which guard rails can be added to the bottom bunk

This factor should be used to narrow down your options. Guardrails minimize the risk of your child being sandwiched between the bed and wall and falling from the bed. Guardrails should be placed on both sides of the lower and upper bed. If you or your child is scared of him falling from the top bunk, be sure to place guard rails there as well if the bed does not come with it standard.

If this space is more than the recommended measurement, it must be adjusted back to three and a half inches or less. Nowadays, most bunk beds available in the market provide the option of guardrails on both upper and lower bunks. Keep in mind that rails often can be removed when the child gets older.

5. Keep the ladder and its functionality in mind

Be sure to keep ladder use in mind. Not all triple bunk beds have the ability to change the side on which the ladder is situated. If your apartment is spacious, and you are fond of rearranging the furniture in a room then chances are, you prefer it if the ladder is flexible, and can be used on either side of the bunk beds.

If the ability to switch the ladder to either side is necessary, then make sure that this is possible with the bed you buy. The ladder should also be securely attached and wide enough for your child to climb. It should also not be removable by children.

Also, get one that can carry a big enough capacity. The range should be enough to support the weight of any child or teenager.

6. Go for separable bunk beds if needed

The purpose of buying triple bunk beds is to optimize the limited floor space. When buying one for kids, their current ages will determine whether it is appropriate to purchase bunk beds that are separable or not. According to CPSA, children below six years are not allowed to sleep on any lofted bed, separating the beds may be an excellent idea if your children are still young.

As children grow up they need more space to play. At some point, school children will need space in their bedroom where they can sit and do their homework. If the beds are detachable, you can move them back on top of each other later on. This way, you protect your children in the meantime and save some money on beds down the line.

7. Adhere to bunk bed safety rules

It’s best to set strict rules for your children concerning bunk bed safety. This is because most accidents that are associated with these beds happen when kids are playing recklessly on them. It’s essential that you inflict some necessary safety measures to your children. This way, their safety will be guaranteed, even when you are not around to monitor them.

  • Allow only one person on the top bunk at a time
  • Prohibit kids from playing under bunk beds
  • Teach your child how to climb the ladder

Quick recap

  1. Make sure the bed you’re buying complies with the Consumer Product Safety Rules
  2. Make sure you have enough space for the triple bunk bed
  3. Buy your bed from a trustworthy dealer
  4. Guard rails are important
  5. Keep in mind the ladder functionality and weight it can carry
  6. Separable bunks are great for safety and future use
  7. Teach your children to adhere to bunk bed safety rules and


When you’re evaluating children’s bunk beds, remember the above safety tips, and don’t forget to buy a mattress that fits the stacks. Remember that top bunks require, thin mattresses to maintain a safe height and prevent kids from rolling down.

Bunk beds can be a long term investment. When maintained properly, they can last for years. Be careful not to go beyond the recommended weight limitations. Thanks for reading!