A treasure filled lingerie chest and other secret storage ideas

A treasure filled lingerie chest and other secret storage ideas

Emil Knodell, an ex-marine, and a retired marketing director love collecting old-schooled treasures. After an old man from Missouri City, Texas, passed away, he went to buy a vintage chest, from an estate sale.

Lucky enough he secured the marble top chest, at a throwaway price of 100 dollars. As they were loading it, into his truck, they heard an unusual sound coming from it.

After close examination, they realized that it had a secret storage facility. Inside the compartment, there were valuable treasures such as gold, diamonds, and other expensive jewelry. Adhering to his strong military principles he decided to return the vest to the store and contact the owner.

A chest with a secret storage compartment is very useful when it comes to keeping valuable treasures in your bedroom. It ensures that no one but you can access your valuable treasures.

However, secret storage does not just have to be about hiding treasure. It can also be for simple purposes such as keeping your room clean as storing away everything out of sight.

Check out the following hidden storage ideas for tips on how to create more hidden storage space in your bedroom.

Wall mirrors

Most people have full-length mirrors on their bedroom wall. What they don’t know is that these mirrors can be used for hidden storage. There is various type of mirrors that have hidden shelves.

Depending on the size of your room and your mirror, you can keep any type of jewelry and other basic things such as shaving cream, toothpaste inside your mirror. This type of storage is very often used in bathrooms.

Coat rack

This accessory can be customized, in a way that it will provide a hidden compartment to store your valuables such as car keys and your wallet.

Home sofa seats

Believe it or not, sofas can be modified in such a way that the cushions pop out to reveal hidden storage space. The good thing about such kind of sofas it that they can be assembled to meet your specific needs.

Hidden storage headboard

Apartments with small bedrooms, don’t enjoy headboards that contain open shelves. Modifying the concept of headboard storage is an amazing way to keep your personal things in hidden storage

Constructing a framed picture secret cabinet

This is the best way of having hidden storage with an artistic touch. What’s good about this style is that you can have more than one hidden storage area arranged in a sequence, depending on the amount of space you need for storage.


Bookshelves offer the best-hidden compartments while adding a stylish look to your living room or your bedroom.

Secret storage will help save space in your bedroom and throughout your house. You don’t have to use specialized furniture pieces and can actually use something like a bedroom bench just to use your storage space to its fullest.

Again If you can hide away your valuable things within the furniture, then automatically your home will become more streamlined.