Using A Cheap Poster To Revamp A Dresser

How can you use a poster to revamp an old lingerie dresser? Well, it’s rather simple if you follow the directions we provide you with correctly. This gives you an excellent opportunity to create something that is unique and fits your personality.

You can do this with your dresser, a child’s furniture chest and even for a guest room or as a gift. Check out this easy tutorial that shows you how to use a poster as a front for your dresser with decoupage.

The video here explains it or you can follow the instructions below:

Materials Needed

  • The paint of your choice
  • A poster
  • A Dresser
  • Paint Brush
  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Satin Finish
  • Mod Podge
  • Squeegee tool
  • Sander (optional)
  • 220 grit sandpaper

Step 1: Get A Dresser

Cheap dressers are easy enough to find. You can either use one that you already have, or you can go to a thrift shop or yard sale to see one that will be easy to revamp.

You should try to find one that has drawers that butt up against each other firmly. This will help make your poster look better when applied. If you can’t find one locally try looking on a local classifieds website or your local town Facebook group.

Step 2: Sand It

If you plan to sand it down and repaint the dresser, then keep reading, if not, skip this step. Strip down the chest until you get to the wood and use your sander to sand it down. If you see any cracks that could compromise the finish of the poster, fill it in with wood glue. Once dry, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Paint The Dresser

Using the color or colors that you picked out, begin to paint your dresser. If you want to create a distressed look and allow specific colors to peek out of the primary color, use the secondary color in random spots of the dresser and take your wet cloth and wipe away the main color just a little bit. If you don’t want to create the distressed look, then omit the water and cloth.

Step 4: Cut Your Poster

Don’t try to glue the whole thing down. It’s going to lead to a mess. Cut your poster into pieces that line up with each other when the drawers are closed.

Step 5: Glue Down

You aren’t going to want to glue the whole piece at once. Start by gluing small sections of your piece, one inch at first and letting it dry. Continue to do this until the entire thing is done. Make sure you squeegee your air bubbles out before moving on to the next section and don’t use too much mod podge.

Step 6: Seal Your Surface

Rather than using wax, use a satin finish to seal the surface of your drawers. Wax contains a lot of oil in it, which could discolor the paper. You should also add another layer of mod podge over the entire surface of the drawers.

Step 7: Add Your Hardware

To finish, add your drawer pulls! You can choose whatever ones that fit your poster or you can go off the beaten path and pick something completely different.

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