How to convert a garage into a bedroom

How to convert a garage into a bedroom

Many garages accumulate dust and are used as junk storage rooms. Why not change it into a bedroom and increase living space in your home by optimizing each square foot? It could be used as a spare bedroom or to give someone within your family larger living space. Here are some critical steps to consider when taking on a garage to bedroom conversion.

Establish your budget

wallet to represent a budget

Having a large budget is essential because it will determine the success of your project and the kind changes you can afford to make. Be sure to include the following in your budget:

  • Building materials
  • Labor
  • Bedroom furniture like a bed, nightstand, couch, etc.

If you have been using your garage as a storage facility, then you should begin by getting rid of all your unwanted items. You could even hold a garage sale to get rid of some of your old junk and make some money towards your garage renovation project.

Check with the building department

Be sure to visit your local building department and also understand the rules and regulations of the Homeowners Association before working on your garage. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money, converting the garage into a bedroom only to find out that you weren’t allowed to do it.

Check out local building codes that may affect your project. Keep in mind that these codes change from one city to another. Ensure that the garage conversion will not tamper with the drainage system. In case of any problems, you’d be better off contacting a local building contractor to consult on the project.

If you have limited building experience and need to get help or advice with how to proceed, a building contractor is a must.

picture of an insulated wallInsulate the walls

Since most garages are kept cool, reinforcing your walls with suitable insulating materials is very important. This could differ between garages depending on your location, weather, and materials used to build your garage. It could be made with concrete, which would mean a lot less hassle. Either way, find out more about insulating walls here.


The floor must be raised to the level of the house. Put a subfloor to your existing concrete floor for added warmth and comfort. But if the level of your floor is okay, You can get trendy and paint your concrete floor.

Lighting and bedroom accessories

First, you need to determine if the garage is connected to the main house. If not hire an electrician to do the wiring. However, usually, there are enough power points in most modern-day garages. Remember that local building codes also regulate this factor. Therefore, please be sure to hire an experienced contractor if one is needed.

Depending on your initial plan, you could also add an ensuite bathroom, but that would almost certainly include additional plumbing and material costs. Finally, Paint the room and then furnish it according to your style. Be sure to choose colors that aren’t only according to your house’s style, but which also brightens up a room.

Changing your garage into a bedroom without removing the doors is a good idea. This way, you can convert it back to a garage anytime you want to, without incurring serious costs.

Here’s a good video for a more hands-on approach.