A treasure filled lingerie chest and other secret storage ideas

Emil Knodell, an ex-marine, and a retired marketing director love collecting old-schooled treasures. After an old man from Missouri City, Texas, passed away, he went to buy a vintage chest, from an estate sale. Lucky enough he secured the marble top chest, at a throwaway price of 100 dollars. As they were loading it, into […]

color schemes for bedroom

Tips for choosing color schemes for your bedroom

A color scheme is a combination of colors that work well together to create a uniform aesthetic. Color plays a significant role in shaping both space and creating a perfect atmosphere in your bedroom or any room for that matter. Choosing the correct color scheme for your bedroom will provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, […]

black bedroom set

What are bedroom sets?

A full bedroom set can be defined as a suite of furniture for your bedroom. Bedroom sets provide a reasonable means of acquiring all of your bedroom accessories at the same time. A typical bedroom set sold in the market consists of a bed, a front panel, and nightstands. Comprehensive sets consist of all the […]

Wood or Steel? Which Garage Door Suits You Best

Most of the garage doors that sell fall either in the steel or wooden category. Equally wood and metal doors can be automatic, and moreover, both will appear fantastic. However, there are several significant differences between the two. Here are the several advantages of wooden and steel garage doors. Pros of Wood Attractive: Wooden garage […]