DIY Kitchen Remodeling

When The Time Is Right Remodeling or refurbishing your kitchen can be a big step, and it can be costly. If you’ve got the energy and money to do some (or all) of the work yourself, you can save lots of money while still enjoying increased property value and the kitchen utility you intended. There […]

diy lingerie chest

12 Of The Best DIY Lingerie Chest Makeover Projects

I just love bedroom furniture, and one of my favorite pieces are lingerie chests or dressers as many like to call them. I noticed that many bloggers had created custom DIY projects where they remake, redo or completely redecorate old dressers. These projects are creative and great for getting ideas for your bedroom’s design and […]

Using A Cheap Poster To Revamp A Dresser

How can you use a poster to revamp an old lingerie dresser? Well, it’s rather simple if you follow the directions we provide you with correctly. This gives you an excellent opportunity to create something that is unique and fits your personality. You can do this with your dresser, a child’s furniture chest and even […]

lingerie dresser drawer plant box project

Turn A Lingerie Dresser Drawer Into A Planter Box

This is an enjoyable craft to do on a beautiful day with the kids or even by yourself, and honestly, it doesn’t take that much effort. Check out this simple tutorial that shows you how to turn an old dresser drawer into a beautiful planter box. For more information visit the original project page at […]

Make Your Own Lingerie Chest Out Of Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking for a weekend project, check out this lingerie chest of drawers. Now, it doesn’t have actually to hold lingerie. It can keep anything you want it to because it’s just a tall narrow dresser although it would be a nice addition to a room for a girl. This is a relatively simple […]

Using Road Signs To Restore A Dresser

Do you want to enhance your bedroom with a quirky and unique dresser that nobody else has? Why not use some road signs! It sounds strange, but the result is stunning and very retro. This tutorial has ten steps to it, and in these simple steps, you’ll be able to create something of your very […]

DIY Darth Vader Chest Box Design For Kids

Does your kid love Darth Vader and Star Wars?  Well, here’s a chest design that they will go crazy for. This Darth Vader chest is an affordable version of the expensive ones that you can buy in stores. One of these voice changers can cost as much as $300 on individual websites, but with these […]

How To Create A Mirrored Lingerie Dresser On Your Own

I have seen so many of mirrored dressers in the stores, but with many of them, the price is always an issue. Believe it or not, you can create one all on your own if you’d like to save some money or have the time. As high-quality pre-made mirrored lingerie dressers can range in the hundreds […]