Common bunk bed measurements and dimensions for DIY projects

Common bunk bed measurements and dimensions for DIY projects

Before you start your DIY bunk bed project, it’s probably best to get all the right measurements and dimensions in order. Space is always a problem when planning the appropriate room layout for your kids, especially when it is a shared room. In this case, the bunk bed is an excellent option. In this blog post, I’ll show you just that: standard bunk bed dimensions and measurements for a DIY project!

Keep in mind that there are many types of bunk beds available. The bed you build depends on your needs, preference, available space, your kids, etc. Below I’ve put together a bunch of measurements and dimensions for different bunks that will ultimately help you in your DIY project.

What to keep in mind

Measurements seem to differ between the United States and United Kingdom standards. That’s why I’ve included bed details in both countries. Keep in mind that your end product will still need a bunk bed mattress with the correct size. Don’t go designing or building something that’s not close to a standard size where you end up struggling to find a mattress that fits.

US standard sizes

1. Standard bunk bed

This is appropriate for the kid’s room and features two twin mattresses. The sizes of the twin mattresses are 75-inch long and 39-inch wide.

2. Narrow bunk bed

With this bed, it’s dimensions are 75-inch long and 36-inch wide. It is best suited for one kid or pre-teens.

3. Queen bed

They have a size of 80-inch long and 60-inch wide. They are best suited for adults, especially the coupes.

UK standard sizes

1. Single bed

It is a bed ideal for a limited space, and their mattress measures 75-inch long and 36-inch wide. It is best for one adult or a guest.

2. Bunk bed

This is a small bed with a mattress length of 75-inch and width of up to 36-inches. It is ideal for one adult or child.

3. Double Bed

This is a spacious bed that measures 75-inch long and 54-inch wide. It is large enough for big adults or two small adults.

Final word

There you go! The standard dimensions and measurements for your DIY project! Here is a video of how to build a bunk bed for less than $100. I think you’ll enjoy it!